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Digital Billboards
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OOH advertising and particularly billboards are exceptionally effective in the digital age, as they provide a simple and less intrusive contrast to online channels.
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Advertising billing management

Our signage tool integrates a management system for broadcasted advertisements. You can obtain statistics of the reproductions per client and directly create your billing.

Streaming digital content

Insert flashy content by streaming video channels from platforms such as YouTube. You can also create a library with original content that can be alternated with ad blocks. In this way, you will generate a greater impact and originality in your content, which will be even more effective than conventional LED signs.


Monitoring LED billboard fleets

You can control the performance of your fleet of LED displays from your mobile phone, or any other digital device. You can also view the contents that are playing on the LED billboard live and check if it’s operating correctly to guarantee its effectiveness at all times.

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All of our billboards are placed in strategic locations throughout the South Africa. At Digital Billboards South Africa we want to ensure our clients that we are a truly results-driven OOH advertising business. You won’t find any of our billboards with visibility restrictions. We pride ourselves on providing the best value to all of our clients and therefore our panels are all placed in prominent high traffic locations.

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Billboards constantly grab consumers attention, consistently, every time. You can’t escape our gigantic billboards which are on display 24/7, which means you won’t be sharing your advertising space with anyone else. With billboards having a huge static presence, people who work or commute locally will see your ad on a daily basis. This constantly gives a reminder about your brand which puts you one step ahead of the competition, subconsciously creating a trustworthy bond between you and your audience.

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Billboards came into being as the motor vehicle industry took hold during the early 20th century. However, the first piece of modern advertising, which eventually led to the creation of all types of outdoor advertising, appeared in 1450 when Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type printing. What began with a simple handbill, transformed into illustrated posters as printing techniques changed. From there simple billboards popped up to attract people traveling on foot, horseback, or carriage to nearby establishments such as local inns. Billboard advertising processes as they’re known today began forming prior to World War I as bigger corporations in need of distinct advertising began mass-producing billboards for use across the country. Suddenly, travelers were seeing ads for everything from soap to soda as they drove their brand new cars across the country.


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While a relatively new option in the outdoor media market, electronic billboards tap into an audience already well-versed at processing billboard advertising. Especially here in Atlanta, where over 76% of commuters get to work by car, spending over half an hour, on average, driving to and from work.

However, because your ad is in constant rotation on a digital billboard, it’s important to have the right design which will stand out enough to leave a lasting impression. Including certain elements can help:

– Brief message of no more than eight words

– Strongly contrasting color combinations

– Non-white backgrounds

– Simple, thick, bolded fonts, sized 36” or larger

With extensive experience working with digital billboard advertising, Digital Billboards South Africa can help you bring all of these elements together to create a highly-effective electronic billboard ad campaign. Not only can we assist you with design, but our in-depth knowledge of the outdoor advertising opportunities in and around Atlanta ensures we can help you find the right location for your ads to reach your target audience.

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Billboards help to build your company’s reputation and enhance your product image.


Its strategic location in the upper areas of buildings requires large sizes so that they can be seen from all angles. In Digital Billboards South Africa, we design and produce digital billboards of any size, also providing the necessary assembly and structure instructions for their installation on rooftops.


Placement of an advertising screen on top of buildings make it difficult to access, even more to perform any task. This is the reason why it’is very important to acquire a quality LED billboard, that requires little to no maintenance. Digital Billboards South Africa sells LED screens for rooftops or buildings using advanced electronics parts, offering the best products, guaranteeing efficiency and quality performance


A visible LED billboard must be made using high brightness LED. These LEDs are a bit more expensive than conventional SMD LEDs, but are fundamental if you want perfect visibility from all angles, at any time, even at broad daylight.

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How billboard advertising stacks up in the digital world.

Today, billboard advertising has grown as technology has changed. Outdoor billboard advertising consists of more options for those looking to target an audience on the go. From traditional billboards to digital options, from large to mini, billboard advertising still has great potential as a marketing strategy without conforming to a one-size-fits-all mentality. The possibilities within the Johannesburg market are especially promising when you take a closer look at the statistics around the city.

Social Distancing.

Help your customers and staff to practice social distancing when inside your premises and respect and adhere to the signs and floor markers. We have two material options available; matt self-adhesive vinyl, for application to any flat surface which can be applied to the outside of glass. They are a great way to inform people about your entry policy. We also have an option of an anti-tear, waterproof, PVC poster suitable for indoor or outdoor use. To accompany the posters we have a wide range available.