Any company or institution that needs to create a visual communication network based on LED screens can use Smartcity LED screens to reach their goals. Smartcity LED screens are the most popular screens among city councils, provincial governments and public institutions that need to create visual communication networks and road signs adjusted to the SmartCity concept.

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This kind of screen networks are widely used by private companies that are looking for a practical way to control commercial spaces with a high influx of people. Digital Billboards South Africa LED screens can also be used in large industrial facilities to communicate information and alerts amongst workers.

Digital Billboards South Africa directly controls the entire production-distribution value chain, divided into the following phases: research and technological innovation, production design and development, planning, purchasing, production, quality control, marketing, and communications, sales, distribution, and logistics. Digital Billboards South Africa has core strengths in product development and design, this activity is conducted by a significant organization of designers able to ensure the continual stylistic and technical innovation which has always been a distinguishing feature of the Company. The key factors of success which provide Digital Billboards South Africa with a distinctive identity in the world’s led display industry are represented by our brand in the led display segment, our products excellence in design, innovation, and quality of our products, its coverage of the marketplace by way of a worldwide sales, distribution, and customer service network, and the diverse nature of its offer in terms of clientele and target markets.

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Why Digital Billboards?

Digital billboards are a form of outdoor advertising that offer more flexibility than most out of home advertising mediums. Unlike most billboard ads, a digital billboard can be updated in real time. Real-time updates bring billboard rental into the digital age by using electronic billboards with software that updates digital bulletins instantly. The onset of digital billboards revolutionized when and where billboard ads show, but the process of advertising on one has remained relatively the same.


Digital Billboards South Africa changed the game. We make out of home advertising available to all businesses. No contracts or minimums means anyone with a desire to grow their brand and a few dollars can have their own billboard ads. Advertise in your city or across the United States, with billboards ranging from Durban to Johannebsurg. Whether you are a real-estate agent or have a family-owned restaurant, you decide how much—or how little you want to spend.

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Control Your Billboard Campaigns

Traditionally digital billboards have had contracts with prices based on factors such as location, reach, and size. For example a billboard in Los Angeles or New York is going to have a significantly higher price than one on a rural route in North Carolina. This has often stopped small businesses from using billboard advertising. Blip combines aspects of digital advertising with out of home advertising to make billboards available on any size budget. Instead of traditional billboard pricing, you determine what you want to spend and that is your total cost.

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