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Gone are the days of rigid outdoor advertising. No contract means you can start and stop your ad campaigns exactly when it makes sense for your company.

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Start tracking and tweaking your budget and schedules immediately to get the best return on your investment. We want you to do better!!

Big and small budgets work with Blip

How much does a billboard cost? Now the cost is up to you. You can spend tens of dollars or thousands of dollars and still have effective billboard campaigns using Digital Billboards.

Digital Billboards South africa Support

If you need help when advertising with Blip, we’re here for you. From general questions to getting help with ad designs, contact us by phone at 073 625 5637 or email

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Billboard Advertising

Digital Billboards South Africa advertising allows advertisers to enjoy extended engagement with audiences in ways other mediums simply cannot match. There are various types of outdoor advertising possibilities which guarantee your brand the exposure it deserves. We are constantly innovating our product range to give all campaigns the flair needed to achieve results. When it comes to selecting platforms for your brand our experienced planning team are able to offer insight and experience which will make your outdoor advertising experience more captivating than it already is.

Billboard Advertising

Gantries | Large overhead landscape billboards facing traffic head-on
Wall Murals | Painted onto strategic walls in lower demographic areas
Street Poles | Sold in sets of 3, perfect way to add further reach to your brand
Building Wraps | Larger than life, wrapping billboards for maximum exposure
Small Format | Smaller format billboards which are perfect for a tight budget
Pavelites | Small portrait structures located on pavements
Highway Sites | Located on the busy highways, adding size to your brand
Directional Signage | Smaller format sites to direct your clientele
Street Name Branding | Solar Illuminated signage above street name signs
Bin Branding | Branding of Dustbins found around South Africa
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Advertising in Shopping Malls

There are many shopping centers found throughout South Africa and we want yo get your brand in there! Platforms range from static billboards found within the parking through to elevator branding. Let our team create an complete package for your brand or select that key site for your brand, Either way we will out your brand in the spot light. The Digital Billboards South Africa team are able to place your advertisement in all malls throughout South Africa.

24/7 Special

Static Billboards | Billboards located within the mall
Navigation Branding | Digital boards located around the mall for navigation
Digital | Digital billboards located around malls to give your brand LED flare
Washroom Media | Advertising platforms located in bathrooms
Trolley Advertising | Branding various trolleys within a mall
ATM Advertising | Exposing your brand on ATM machines
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